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Oct 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
storm recovery, and president obama is heading off to new jersey today with governor chris christie so assess the storm damage and look at it first hand, and also he will have with him, i'm sure fema administrator craig fewgate. one who has been following the work of fema particularly in this particular storm situation, fawn johnson with the national journal. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> bill: you have written watch what you say about fema. >> yeah, i always find it amusing politicians what they say in the middle of a big storm that could be a potential problem like with what you saw with hurricane sandy, and you saw it earlier this year they had to shorten their convention for a couple of days because of the storm, right? >> bill: right. >> and it is interesting to see what people say in the immediate aftermath, and what you say when the weather is nice. >> bill: because disaster relief for the house republicans -- before we get to mitt romney. for the house republicans disaster relief has had no special cache' for them. >> no. but that's nothing -- that's nothing differe
Oct 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
the states. one being -- which was one i think one of the first accomplishments of the obama administration was the development and the dissemination of the vaccine for that new virus that popped up, h1n1. it killed the group in between and that was an unbelievable accomplishment and the democrats never brag about it. >> bill: i forgot about that. but there are many, many, many roles where things -- look at our federal interstate highway system, right? look at the air traffic air-traffic controller system. there are some things -- look at the defense of our country. but it is not just the military. there's some things -- look at our transportation system that government does better, where the role of government is necessary to bring all of us together because what is a government? the government is just us working together to solve problems and to create a better america. so this anti-government rhetoric from paul ryan, from the tea party, hating government and from mitt romney, that's what he's all about. hurricane sandy proves that is dangerous. not just wrong. dangerous. d
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2